Many industry experts agree additive manufacturing will be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution.

By combining world class technology platforms and a desire to never stop innovating; 3DFutureFactories™ is committed to transforming industry and reinvigorating the competitive spirit, to build the factories of tomorrow, today!

Consulting Services

By leveraging the skills of industry experts in additive manufacturing, we provide strategic guidance to companies looking to drive improved value and production efficiency.

This is further complemented by technical consulting services to oversee the implementation of world class end-to - end solutions, along with any associated business refinements.


To support companies who share our vision to create 3DFutureFactories™, we provide a comprehensive range of training and cultural development programs designed to stimulate innovation and support the integration of additive manufacturing into your existing operating model.

Technology Solutions

To support 3DFutureFactories™ we use best-of-breed manufacturing grade hardware and 3d printers, supported with equivalent software and technical support services.


For further information please contact us at [email protected].