3D clickandprint is passionate about the future of 3D Printing. We combine advanced technologies with the design brilliance of companies from all over the world, to reinvent the way products are brought to market through additive manufacturing.

We also recognise the important emphasis companies place on protecting those intellectual property rights associated with products and inventions, along with the unique challenges additive manufacturing presents to many industry groups. Its for this reason, 3D clickandprint, offers a global licensing platform to individuals, small business and enterprise customers; to represent original components, parts, concepts, designs, inventions and ideas, which have been converted to 3D Printable files and made accessible on the World Wide Web (WWW).

3D clickandprint, will remain transparent with government agencies, whose role it is, to enforce intellectual property law and the rights of the original inventor.

In a world where everything is becoming printable, we’re here to help support you in the ongoing provision of licensing services for the global market of 3D Printable objects.